How to Fix all the Pairing Errors in Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular and powerful open-source media player software at present. It has hundreds of Add-ons. These add-ons help you to categories what you are looking for. There are some video add-ons like the exodus, SALTS, Covenant, etc, in which you might find some pairing errors.

The URL Resolver(which is a background program, that helps to fetch sources and provide servers content), runs whenever you select any content in any addon and provide you a list of server links. These pairing errors occur only when you select some must need authorization stream servers. Here we provide you the solution to fix such errors.

Methods to Fix Pairing Errors on Kodi

There are few most popular errors which users experience are or, openload pair,,, or other openload pair messages.

Some popular site like openload, Thevideo.Me are linked to a lot of streaming sites and add-ons and as a result, the demand will be high. In order to prevent high traffic from overloading their server, they set upstream authorization. When we try to stream such sites we get stream authorization errors. or pair error:

Method #1: Pairing your IP address

  1. If the authorization is required, then you will see the pop-up asking for openload stream Authorization.
  2. To authorize, we must visit the link else open the browser and enter the URL.
  3. Select I’m not a robot.
  4. Then, select the pair.
  5. you will see the pairing successful notification.

Your device IP is paired successfully with the openload server. Now you can stream all movies and Tv shows.

NOTE: This pairing last for only 4 hours. This pairing has to be done for every 4 hours for continuous streaming.

Method #2: Disable Hoster with Captchas

Disabling hoster with captchas, remove the streams that require authorization. once you disable it, whenever you use this add-on you will no longer find the pairing issue. This method is suitable for users who use a few add-ons, but this is a better and permanent solution.

  1. Select Add-ons from the main menu.
  2. Now, select the add-on (example: Exodus).
  3. Go to Tools.
  4. Select Settings: Provider.
  5. Select Playback>> Hosters with captchas>> Disable.

Now again open the addon and try to stream any video.

For, and errors, follow the same steps as you did for

Method #3: URL Resolver configuration

  1. Select the Settings icon at the top left of the homepage.
  2. Select System settings.
  3. At the bottom left corner, there will be a gear icon, change it to expert.
  4. Now, select Add-ons.
  5. Select Manage dependencies on the right.
  6. Select URL resolver >> Right click>> Settings>> Configure.
  7. Then a list of resolvers named as Resolver 1, Resolver 2, will appear.
  8. Select Resolver 4. You will find a list of server names.
  9. Search for the server name in which the error occurred and disable it.

This will hide the server name from the list thereafter.


That all about pairing error. We provided you with 3 methods to eradicate the pairing errors. Try and resolve whenever the error occurs. If you find any issues while trying these alternative methods or any feedback, kindly comment below.

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