How To Install Mobdro Kodi IPTV Addon for Free Live TV

You might wonder why we take about Kodi here. Kodi, one of the best streaming software well known for its on-demand streaming services. The best thing about Kodi is, it is an open-source platform and allows you to stream live TV for free which makes it even more worth having.

Instead of watching your favorite channel with a subscription, using IPTV will allow you to stream thousands of channels in one place. If you have installed Kodi on your device then you all you need is to set up an IPTV Kodi addon and you are all good to go.

What are Kodi IPTV Addons?

IPTV Kodi addons provide you access to stream IPTV channels in Kodi. The add-on has all the requirements to stream an IPTV channel. These Kodi IPTV add-ons cover all the functionality provided by the set-top box, but it lacks some of the services they provide. You can only access the channel when the channel is available on IPTV. 

There are a lot of IPTV Kodi addons out there. But, in this guide we are going to explain about Mobdro IPTV Kodi addon and its installation process. 

Mobdro Kodi IPTV Addon

Mobdro is a clear way to kill a few minutes without anticipating what you want to watch. Especially it comes handy if you love to watch random streamers games. Mobdro has a fully dedicated sports division to provide these feeds. Each list displays the name of the game and a short line about who is streaming it.

There are also live streams from NASA, and you can usually find news channel feeds on YouTube.  Whether it is going to be movies, TV shows, sports, live events, Mobdro got you covered. You don’t have to do anything, the streams will be available when the app is ready to go.

Is Mobdro legal?

Mobdro is a streaming platform specially created for Android devices. It just serves as a portal between the users and the streaming content. The content might include both free and copyrighted content. Which means, Mobdro itself isn’t illegal, it only becomes illegal when you use it to watch copyrighted content. 

With the sites recommending Moptro, there is a cheap indication that you may be breaking the law here. Many say you have to use a VPN to access the app in order to hide your location. It is similar to Kodi. 

One of the best ways to avoid this conflict is to use a VPN. It will help you to hide your IP, therefore your ISPs cannot monitor what you are doing over the internet. 

How to Install Mobdro Kodi IPTV Addon

Mobdro is exclusively designed for android devices. But you can also install it in PC or mac with the help of third-party software. Here, we are going to show how to get Mobdro on Kodi. If you want to install Mobdro on other devices like Firestick and Roku, then refer to this guide and make the things in right way.

Let’s proceed with the installation steps.

  • Go to the Kodi home page and click the Gear Settings icon at the top left corner.
  • Click on File Manager.
  • Select the Add source option on the left side tab.
  • The add source file tab will pop up and Select none so that you can use custom source location.
  • Enter the source path URL: and click OK.(make sure you entered the URL correctly). If this path URL doesn’t work, try this alternative URL:
  • Enter a name for the source file for easy identification and click ok. 
  • Head back to the Kodi home page and click Addon.
  • Click on the package installer icon present at the top left corner.
  • Select Install from zip file.
  • Open the source file name you have entered.
  • Click on the
  • The repository will get installed. Once the installation is completed, a notification will pop up at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now click on Install from Repository option.
  • Select the Bookmark repository >> Video Addons >> Mobdro.
  • Click on the Install button.

We have filled you with all the necessary things you need to know about the Mobdro IPTV Kodi addon. IPTV has an awesome potential to stream multimedia content either in small-sized screen or bigger sized screen. So what you are waiting for, install Mobdro and enjoy utilizing it on the Kodi platform to stream your favorites on the web.

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