How to Watch Live PPV Events on Kodi

With the rapid development in this technical world, people started to stream all media content online.  Streaming media can be considered as multimedia which is constantly received by and presented to the users while being delivered by the providers. And there comes Live streaming, it delivers the content in real-time via the internet. The provider with such high quality and rich content does not distribute it for free. The offer the content on the internet, if you want to see if you need to pay for it. This is based on the PPV concept. In this article, we will share you the  information on how to watch the events Lively and for free.

What is PPV?

PPV (Pay-Per-View), it is a concept in which one needs to pay in order to watch the content. This is a successful concept as the Streaming industry has an tremendous growth.  The PPV is mainly implemented for watching sports events. Almost everyone will love sports and everyone has their own favorite sport. So big companies took this an advantage and framed it as a business model. Numerous high-profile sports events have now turned to provide their content via streaming services.

These PPV events are found basically for UFC, MMA, and Boxing events. These events have a craze among people and they have a huge fan base. So obviously they won’t mind spending money on watching these events. It will cost about $69 for SD and $79 for HD. It is not an exact price, it may increase.

PPV on Kodi

It is not possible for everyone to afford such amount for watching a single match. Kodi helps you here. As we all know that Kodi is an open-source media player software and it has a lot of official and unofficial add-ons. These add-ons help the user to stream both VoD and Live media content. Using some third-party(unofficial) add-ons, we can live stream PPV on Kodi for free. With these add-ons we can also stream UFC 229 on Kodi.

With so much of option, it is common to get confused. But nothing to worry, we provide you with the best list of add-ons to watch PPV for free.

Best Kodi Add-ons 2018 to Watch PPV events

Here is the list of some best add-ons to watch PPV events on Kodi without paying.

1. Planet MMA

If your favorite sports zone is UFC or MMA then this addon is for you. Planet MMA is one of the best kodi addons known for Sports. Most of its content is all about UFC and MMA. We can watch all the matches of UFC on Kodi using this addon. It has a wide range of categories, around 30+ categories making it the best option to watch Live programs, PPV and on-demand videos. To experience the best performance of the addon you can use a Real Debrid account.  This addon is found in Supremacy repository.

Repo URL:

2. Fight Tube

This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons but it is not so popular. However, it has some good number of users for it’s rich and unique content. As its name suggests, it contains content related to fighting alone. If you are looking for Boxing, WWE, UFC, Kickboxing and much more, you will able to find everything here. Although there isn’t a special section for PPV, you will be able to find all the replays of PPV events. This addon is found in the Rockcrusher Repo.

Repo URL:

3. Rising Tides

This Addon had undergone several ups and downs but still manages to provide a lot of interesting content. Rising Tides Kodi addon provides you a number of different categories including, Live sports channels, TV channels from all over the world. Here we are now talking about the PPV events, in such case, Rising Tides has a special dedicated section for PPV events called “Live PPV Events”. Under this section, one can find the most trending events and upcoming events list.  This is found in the Rising Tides Repository.

Repo URL:


The above-mentioned addon is especially for PPV events and related information. We have given you an idea how to watch PPV live events for free on Kodi. Hope this will be helpful. If you have any queries, do lets us know.


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